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Quicke Marketing

Website Design


Website Designs starts at $300 for user friendly platforms such as GoDaddy, Wix, etc. Custom websites with custom coding on Wordpress starts at $500.


You will need to create your own login on whatever platform you wish. For example, if you chose GoDaddy (most affordable monthly) you will need to go to and create a profile. From there, you will provide us access by going to business profile settings, delegate access, and enter our email:


There are monthly fees associated with each platform - you will pay them directly. We will guide you to what suits your business needs. 


You will have to purchase a domain or we can do it for you on the platform of your choice. We do not upcharge this fee or the monthly fee. 


After you purchase this, we will immediately get notificed and will reach out via phone or email, whatever you prefer. We like to meet you either virtually or in person, if you wish. We pride ourselves in having a closer relationship with each client. 

**Website payments are refundable before any work has been completed but purchaser is held responsible for payment processing fees assocaited. Fee percentage varies. 


**Monthly Fee - the monthly subscription will be charged through our excluse client dashboard, not ourwebsite. The website you will pay the first month's fee. 

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