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Important Update: Google Business Profile Changes Effective July 31, 2024

Updated: 2 days ago

We at Quicke Marketing want to inform you about a significant update regarding Google Business Profile. Google will be discontinuing the chat and call history features in Google Business Profile effective July 31, 2024. We understand that this may impact how you manage interactions with your customers, but we're here to help you navigate these changes and explore new ways to maintain seamless communication.

Key Changes and Dates

July 15, 2024:

  • Customers will no longer be able to initiate new chat conversations with your business through Google.

  • Customers engaged in current chat conversations will receive notifications about the upcoming changes.

July 31, 2024:

  • Google will fully discontinue the chat functionality in Business Profile. You will no longer receive new chat messages.

  • The call history feature in Google Business Profile will also be removed. However, customers will still be able to contact your business via Google Search and Maps and access information through your website links, business descriptions, photos, and other details shared on your Business Profile.

  • You'll still receive calls from your Business Profile and be able to track other engagement metrics like web traffic and directions requests.

Impact on Small Businesses

For small businesses, these changes mean that while some communication channels are closing, the primary functionalities of Google Business Profile remain robust. Customers will still find and contact your business through Google Search and Maps. Your business profile will continue to be a vital tool for providing essential information and attracting potential customers.

Actions to Take

  • Download Chat and Call History Records: If you wish to keep records of your past Business Profile chats or call history, you can download them via Google Takeout.

  • Alternate Communication Channels: Consider inviting your customers to continue ongoing conversations through other chat channels you may have available, such as social media or direct messaging on your website.

  • Continue Tracking Engagement Metrics: You can still monitor and track essential engagement metrics like web traffic and directions requests from your Business Profile.

How Quicke Marketing Can Help

We at Quicke Marketing understand that adapting to these changes may be challenging, but we're here to assist you. Here are a few ways we can support your business:

  • Strategic Planning: We'll help you develop a plan to transition your customer communications smoothly to alternative platforms.

  • Customer Engagement: We can assist in setting up and optimizing other communication channels to ensure you remain connected with your customers.

  • Performance Tracking: Our team will help you continue to track and analyze engagement metrics to maintain and improve your online presence.

  • Google Business Profile Update & Optimization: Our team will update your Google Business Profile for you: phone, email, website, socials. We will also spend time optimizing your Google Business Profile to ensure that customers come across your profile when searching for relevant information.

Continuing to Connect with Customers

Despite these changes, your Google Business Profile remains a powerful tool for customer engagement. Customers will continue to access essential information about your business, and you'll still be able to communicate effectively through other supported channels.

If you have any questions or need further information about these changes, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Quicke Marketing. We're here to ensure a smooth transition and support your business needs during this change.

Thank you for your continued trust in Quicke Marketing. We're committed to helping your business thrive and look forward to working with you through this transition.

By staying informed and taking proactive steps, you can ensure that your business remains accessible and responsive to your customers. Quicke Marketing is here to guide you through these changes and help your business continue to grow and succeed.

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